Saturday, April 30, 2011

Androidify yourself

Hey guys, lately i've been trying to find some apps to keep me entertained on the bus/subway. I have compiled a list of 2 great time waster apps that keep me entertained on that long flight or keep my mind off that disgusting smell in the bus seat behind me, so, here they are...

1. Androidify

Don't you just wish you were good enough at photo editing to be able to make a android version of yourself for your facebook or twitter account well, now you don't have to be! Androidify is a fantastic android app made by google which lets you customize the green robot. Basically, you start off with the classic android logo then you can resize body parts and add clothes/hair/accesories using the idiot proof interface. The amount of time i've spent on this pointless app is depressing. This app is available on the market or on your nearest file-sharing site.

2. Atomic bomber

Atomic bomber is possibly my favourite android game ever. It is a never ending game where you are an atomic bomber (hence the name) bombing a whole lot of army bases (each base is a new wave). You control the plane by tapping which direction you want it to go in and you drop a bomb by pressing a button in the left corner. Be prepared for hours of bombing fun.

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