Saturday, April 23, 2011

Phones n fairytales

Once upon a time there was a shockingly slow man called browser. He was dumb, slow and ever so laggy. Everyone in the village (which was called android by the way) wanted the man replaced by a fast, efficient man like chrome (a man from another village), however, the village leader didn't change it. Soon after the villagers rebelled and started getting new men in like opera mini and dolphin. But still the men were just not smart enough, they were better but still not great. Then came xscope. A fast, efficient, smooth man with  many other qualities such as full tabbed browsing and multitouch. Soon after coming he bet down all the other browsers and earned the respect of many, however, he still needs more support and respect from villagers like you. Support him by downloading him from the market and rid the world of that slow man called browser forever.


  1. Or just use Honeycomb where the Browser IS chrome ;-) I might try this one, is it available on SlideME?

  2. The Download for this on your Downloads page does not exist.