Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Desire HD review

The desire hd is a high end smartphone made by htc. it is running Android 2.2 with the custom sense UI. it's a buttery smooth phone and showed absolutely no lag in the various HD apps we threw at it.

the homescreen has 7 different screens with customisable wallpapers and of course widgets. one cool feature of this phone is, by tapping the home button twice, you zoom out so you can view all your homescreens at the same time. As all android phones have, this has full multitasking and you can access the apps currently running by pulling down the notification bar.

This beast sports a 1ghz snapdragon proccessor so don't expect to have to exit any apps because of slow loading times. It houses 768 mb of ram and a 4.3" wvga capacative touch screen. The only problem we had with this phone is the rather limited 1.5 gb of storage space, however, this can easily upgraded by a micro sd card.

Overall this phone is a great buy for more serious smartphone users, however, if you don't need all this power I would reccomend to buy a cheaper phone, such as the HTC wildfire of the ideos *5.


  1. The cheap IDEOS is called the IDEOS U8150.

  2. there is another ideos with better specs though for 500 dollars called the ideos *5